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Walk with us

The Walk With Us Program is a live mass event where community members and police and sheriff’s departments take part in a live, pre-planned event to walk through their city or community together. It is a powerful statement designed to capture the public’s imagination about what peaceful communities look like:

Where departments and community member are getting along, where officers and citizens are treating one another with respect, where departments are co-producing public safety with the community, and where police leaders are working to reduce use of force.

The Walk With Us Program helps bring about these outcomes for police departments and communities:

  • Planning of a Walk With Us event to occur on a future date
  • Convening of a working group to carry out the planning steps together over time
  • 6 months of planned events preceding and leading up to the live event
  • Dissemination throughout the community and police department about the event and its significance
  • Execution of a Walk With Us event as a live, public event on a chosen date

To come together in a show of unity, compassion and understanding by simply walking side-by-side, click here to download your toolkit to guide you through the Walk With Us Program for your city or department.

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