Peace Officer Model Policy

What does it mean to be a Peace Officer?

Being a Peace Officer means good policing and community safety.   Below are the tenets and the model policy which make up the Peace Officer Framework. 

Good policing is empathetic.  

Showing compassion in the service of others is a key tenet of Peace Officer.  It is committing to the sanctity of life, and in so doing mandate the use of de-escalation techniques.

Good policing is effective.

Officers and departments that are competent and good at what they do is a key tenet of Peace Officer. 

Good policing is just.

Serving communities in ways that are moral and measured, do not take sides and are free of pre-judgement are key tenets of Peace Officer. It includes transparency, accountability and re-thinking on-the-job incentives for police officers.   It also includes adopting a duty to intervene policy and call out behavior which is not in keeping with Peace Officer.


Community Safety

Community safety requires not that just community members are safe, but also feel safe.  It means co-producing public safety that is of the people, by the people and for the people. 


Peace Officer Model Policy

  • Requires De-Escalation
  • Has Use of Force Policy
  • Bans Chokeholds and Strangle holds
  • Requires Warning Before Shooting
  • Restricts Shooting at Moving Vehicles
  • Requires Exhaust All Other Means Before Shooting
  • Duty to Intervene
  • Requires Comprehensive Reporting
  • Do you have an organizational statement affirming the sanctity of human life?
  • Is your department aligned around the above policies?

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