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Increase community Trust And Confidence In The Police

Online Training Courses  Peace Officer: Realizing The True Purpose Of Policing 

why this course matters today

There is a crisis of trust and confidence in the police along with significant negative narratives.

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed a shift in public perception from seeing police as “good”, to viewing them as  “bad.”   The “defund the police” movement is now part of popular culture along with the poor image of policing in the media.  And all around the nation, there seems to be a lack of national agreement about what the police are expected to do.  

Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing is a suite of online training courses which take a deep dive into the reasons why this has happened, what police agencies can do about it locally and how we can develop a new approach to policing that works for everyone with policing that’s effective, empathetic and just.  


Hours Of online Course Instruction

Individual courses for policing professionals, elected officials and community members each deliver hours of interactive, 100% online instruction in the challenges faced by police today and policing’s true purpose.  If a community doesn’t like the police, trust the police or have confidence in the police, it isn’t as safe as it could be.   Let the Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing suite of online courses help you develop better community relationships, greater cooperation of the public and make your job easier as a police leader, community leader or elected or appointed official.  Begin today and experience building trust and confidence like never before using the framework of police officers as Peace Officers. 


online Module Lessons

In an interactive and engaging setting, Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing suite of online courses takes you through 8 chapters of content, quizzes and interactive screens to deliver a new framework of policing.  And for police leaders, special chapters guide you through a a one-of-a-kind approach to policing as peacekeeping and personal leadership development.


What to expect from these courses

Today, the profession of policing faces many challenges.  While there are different perspectives on what’s needed in the future, we all share common interests.  We all want safety, livability, and improved relationships.   The Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing suite of online courses is designed to bring policing leaders, police professionals, elected officials and community members together to the table and lean in for the important conversation about the future of policing in America.


Lessons, Online Instruction & Practical Assignments

All Included In a suite of Online Training Courses

If you’re ready to take your organization and community to the next level, join us for this interactive, practical, and self-paced learning experience.  See the difference it can make for you, your workforce, your local government and your community.

Highlighted Features

Admin Dashboards

In our comprehensive dashboard, agencies can have full access to what, when, and how each user or group of users completes course material to ensure that your organization is reaping the full benefits of Peace Officer.


Peace Officer provides customized team approaches to our interactive courseware depending on the specific needs of your organization.

Accountability Reports

See how each member of your organization is progressing. View their assessments, completion of training and other key metrics in customizable reports.

Role Customization

Define who has access to what course material, reports, and administrative capabilities depending on their role in your organization.


Instead of learning from a PowerPoint, Peace Officer takes learning to another level with role-playing, interactive video, where an onscreen police leader guide posing questions.


Companion workbooks are available for all courses. The workbooks provide an additional resource so you can make notes and follow along with the course.

Training Calendars

Specify what materials members of your organization must complete and set customizable deadlines and requirements such as requiring reviews or repeats.

Personalized Assessments

Develop customized assessments to fit the needs of your organization to ensure that your team members are getting the most out of the content of Peace Officer.


After successfully completing specified courses, you can receive certifications to certify your new training. Special certifications are offered for police leaders who complete the course.

Event Triggers

Administrators can be notified when custom events occur, such as when all team members complete an assessment, a chapter or other assignment.

Discussion Boards

Allow team members to engage in open discussions on our platform to spur critical thinking, apply novel concepts, and further solidify course material.

Q&A with Police Leaders

We periodically submit questions exclusively from our agencies for other police leaders and industry thought leaders to answer.

what police leaders are saying

This course thinks out-of-the-box for a learning experience where the learner can interact with the content and really retain the information being delivered.

Jim Bueermann

Chief of Police (ret.) Redlands, California and Past President, National Police Foundation now the National Policing Institute, Washington DC

As a police leader, this course has helped me see the bigger picture of the future of policing and what it means for my agency to truly delivery community-led policing.

Jonathan Parham

Police Director, Rahway Police Department, Rahway, NJ and Director of County-Wide Police Policy, Planning and Training for Union County Prosecutors Office

I love the topics, the course material and the way the content is presented.  This is one of  the most unique, enjoyable courses on policing I have seen.

Robert King

Former public safety advisor to Mayor Ted Wheeler, past president of the Portland Police Association and Portland Police Bureau Commander (ret.). Portland, OR


Your Instructor

Chief Jerald Monahan (Ret.)

Jerald Photo 2
“In all my years, this is the positive policing approach we’ve been waiting for.”

positive ideas for positive policing

Contains over 50 interactive onscreen questions, 20 quizzes and 5 downloadable form-fillable workbooks to interactively apply the knowledge you’ve learned online.

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