Operationalizing The Peace Officer Promise for Your Agency

Thank you taking part in the Peace Officer Promise national event kicking off this May, 2022. 

In supporting The Peace Officer Promise, you are joining other agencies in states all around the nation to in build trust and confidence by making a public reaffirmation of their commitment to serve and protect.  Together with their communities, agencies are personalizing their own Peace Officer Promises to reflect the uniqueness of their communities.  Agencies are doing this each in their own way and on their own timeline.   Once you do this, you might plan a local event and incorporate your personalized Promise into a community engagement event so you can share it with community members.

Here are the steps you can take to operationalize The Peace Officer Promise for your agency and community:

  1. Now that you have entered your name for The Peace Officer Promise National Event, we will email you with Webinar dates and times for technical assistance in planning your Peace Officer Promise event. If you haven’t yet entered your name CLICK HERE
  2. Download the Toolkit.  It contains everything you need to plan and execute your event:  CLICK HERE
  3. Download the Documentary Instructions.  These instructions will guide you through capturing footage of your event for use on social media:  CLICK HERE
  4. Download the Implementation Checklist.  This checklist contains every task you need to plan and execute your event:  CLICK HERE
  5. Personalize the Peace Officer Promise for your community:  CLICK HERE
  6. Schedule your Peace Officer Promise Event on the Event Calendar.  Share the date, time and location of your event with the nation on this scheduling page:  CLICK HERE
  7. Download the FAQs to answer any of your questions:  CLICK HERE

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