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Young children, especially those around the age of 5, are just beginning to learn about the world. The topic of police for them can be complicated.  How do we go about explaining police officers to young children?  When should we have this conversation? While the answers to these questions are unique to each family’s values, identity and experiences, you can begin that conversation now.  Children from families of color may have strong impressions of police, while children from white families may be asking simply about what police officers do. For any family today, the increased attention to police in the media and the presence of police cars for many communities means that even very young children benefit from parental conversations about police.  Take the opportunity to talk with them about current events, allow them to ask questions and express their feelings.  Aron and the Police Give Back the Community is a wonderful way to introduce young children to police in ways that are current, thoughtful and real.  Written by children’s author and former civic leader Nahjee Grant, Aron and the Police Give Back to the Community is a civic-minded children’s book about improving relationships between police and the community.  Reach out below and we will send you your free copy.  Begin the conversation today!

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