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Community Feedback Loop

The Community Feedback Loop Program is a unique, especially branded website designed to collect feedback that is channeled directly to the police chief or designates for a response.  It helps communities build trust in policing through feedback, engagement, and dialogue.

Designed to gauge the effectiveness of the measures taken by the department over time on citizen interactions resulting in continuous improvement, Community Feedback Loop is a comprehensive and durable mechanism for a department to have an ongoing bi-directional interaction with their community, as well as a visible action which a department can take that is both effective and represents a continuous commitment to better community engagement.

As a web-enabled app, it allows citizens to provide instantaneous feedback on events, observations, and to comment on and commend officers.  The app is built from the ground up with transparency in mind.  And the data can help communities identify the necessary interventions to reduce liability.

To address the need for open communications between departments and the communities they serve, click here to download your toolkit to guide you through the Community Feedback Loop Program for your city or department.

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