Uniting departments and communities around programs that uplift and heal them.


Who Are We?

Community Members, Practitioners and Career Professionals Building Bridges

Police2Peace is a national nonprofit and a women-led organization with a diverse team and board members from the activist community and from the police community that works across the country from small departments to large departments.  For this reason, we represent the diverse stakeholders we serve.  

Our mission is to unite police departments and communities around programs that uplift and heal them. 

Our vision is to redefine and reimagine policing on a national scale so that it is empathetic, effective and just with police officers serving their communities as Peace Officers.

Our goal is to transform 1/3 of the nation’s 18,000 police
and sheriff’s departments serving 100 million Americans to Peace Officer in
five years. 

We’re launching national police reform through police culture change  because the public is demanding a less aggressive approach to public safety, and community dissatisfaction with the police is high.  Over the last 4 years, having grown the idea from introducing PEACE OFFICER wording into police agencies and communities, we launched The Peace Officer Promise in May 2022 and will release the companion online training curriculum in June 2022.  

Today, Police2Peace is scaling the delivery programs around the nation that transform departments into peace officer departments with peace officer curriculum and technical assistance to operationalize the change.  And we bring together police departments and the communities they serve through community-based programs for better engagement, police-based programs for training such as de-escalation, and peace initiatives which unite stakeholders around building peace in their communities so that everyone can lead their best possible lives.

Corporate & advisory Boards

Overseeing the programs and policies that inform our work 

Anthony Williams

Board Chairman

Arthur Joseph

Advisory Board Member

Amanda Adams

Advisory Board Member

Patrick Johnson

Advisory Board Member

Perry Bradley

Advisory Board Member

Scott Osman

Board Member

Sheriff Sue Rahr (ret.)

Advisory Board Member

Chief Ronnell Higgins

Policing Advisory Board Member

Chief Jim Bueermann (ret.)

Policing Advisory Board Member

Chief Jerald Monahan (ret.)

Policing Advisory Board Member

Chief Kim Dine (ret.)

Policing Advisory Board Member

Chief Jonathan Parham (ret.)

Policing Advisory Board Member

Staff Members

Lisa Broderick

Executive Director

Maia Ferdman

Mediation Advisor

Susan Klein

Marketing Advisor

Kimberly Best

Mediation Advisor

Moorea Gay

Program Intern

Sunita Kumar

Mediation Advisor

Cheryl Epps

Mediation Advisor

Peter Henry

Technology Advisor

Shaphan Roberts

Mediation Advisor

Jules Sanchez

Operations Director

Shevita Shaw

Associate Program Manager

Our Foundational Philosophy

2020 and 2021 were defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice movements, one of the most challenging political climates in U.S. history and unmistakable evidence of climate change with wildfires ravaging the West Coast. Despite this, the events of last year gave rise to new sense of purpose and much-needed hope for change, especially in the area of policing. Below are the foundational principles which make up our PEACE OFFICER philosophy. By attracting, hiring, training and promoting people who want to be PEACE OFFICERS nationally, the culture of policing can be fundamentally changed at the DNA level.   The country can move into a new phase where police forces are consistent with what it means to be a PEACE OFFICER.

The Golden Rule of Policing

The PEACE OFFICER Initiative is rooted in this simple idea: The police as part of the community, and the community as part of the police. This rule embodies what it means to be a PEACE OFFICER: to prevent conflict; if there is conflict, help resolve it; diffuse situations; and aid the defenseless.  By operationalizing what it means to be a PEACE OFFICER, departments can bring about cultural change, procedural change, operational change, and departmental alignment.

Co-production of Public Safety

By delivering public safety in ways that departments need to, while encouraging communities to reimagine how they would like policing to be, community safety is developed as a partnership. And for this partnership to work, it must be rooted in fairness, equity, accountability and transparency–the qualities embodied by PEACE OFFICER.

Employ Evidenced-based Practices

It is one thing to suggest that an approach will have a positive effect, and quite another to support the approach with evidence. Our programs are built on research which documents the interventions and outcomes. In this way, we as an organization and society will know that something as simple as the PEACE OFFICER initiative had the hoped-for impact on the community, department and civil society as a whole. 

As a 501c3 nonprofit, donations to Police2Peace are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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