The Peace Officer Project

The Peace Officer Project by Police2Peace ® is nationally scalable police transformation which both police and communities at odds with police can embrace.

Over the last four years, Police2Peace has grown from the initial idea of introducing PEACE OFFICER wording into police agencies and communities into  the Peace Officer Project. The Peace Officer Project is a multifaceted, multipronged approach to changing the culture of policing by changing the perception of police.  This includes the perceptions officers have of themselves as well as the perceptions the community has of the police who serve and protect them.  Our goal was to design a solution which makes sense to police and resonates with community members at odds with the police.  Having done this work, we understand that without the involvement of the police, there is no hope for change.  The Peace Officer Project represents hope for change for American police agencies from being strictly enforcers of the law to becoming keepers of the peace.  

Our tools, training, programs and collaborations were developed with the knowledge that maintaining the peace involves a lot more than just controlling crime.  This paradigm shift away from the police thinking of themselves solely as law enforcement officers is because what the police do every day is less about enforcing the laws, and more about keeping the peace.  From communicating with people, to mediating disputes, to intervening when necessary to protecting the vulnerable, policing is at its core about peacekeeping.  

Join us  as we continue our work of policing to peace by taking advantage of the tools, training, programs and collaborations that support a new, national police culture which is fundamentally and sustainably about keeping the peace.   Check out our Model Policy, our Peace Officer Promiseagency-specific tools and community programs.  Through the active engagement of the police and the community, public trust can be built and confidence can be restored.  And with 80% of the 50 states and District of Columbia penal codes already using the term “Peace Officer” when referring to police officers, the question isn’t whether this can become the national culture of policing, it’s when.  Together we are more.

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Peace Officer Around the United States

Peace Officer States
Appear in Blue

The state penal code uses only the term Peace Officer when referring to police officers.

Other States
Appear in Gray

The State penal code does not refer to Peace Officer

Peace Officer

Usually means a law enforcement role which includes a badge, has the power to arrest, and also carries a service weapon.

Survey of US Penal Codes

According to research of the 50 states’ and District of Columbia penal codes, 80% of states use only the term Peace Officer when referring to police officers.

Around the U.S. the term “Peace Officer” is primarily used to refer to police in state penal codes.

A New Community Policing Framework

PEACE OFFICER is an innovation for community-led policing.  Historically, community policing in the U.S. can be traced back as far as the nineteenth century. The broad role for police was articulated by Sir Robert Peel in the 1820’s with the creation of the first modern police force.  Research released in the late 1970s began a new wave of adoption in the U.S., and community-oriented policing has since been implemented around the country.  The common thread through the decades has been that police are most effective when they exist in the community not as law enforcement, but as part of the community–solving problems and creating a safer civic environment.   Police2Peace is making this vision a reality by re-framing policing as PEACE OFFICER. Our vision is national coherence around policing rooted in community engagement, transparency,  accountability and reducing use of force.  It is  acting in good faith without malice.  In this way, we are working to change the way America sees and experiences policing right down to the neighborhood level, every day. 


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