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Redlands, California - Research Study

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Custom Research

Departments participating in any of the programs may wish to initiate a custom research study with the New York University and UCLA joint public policy institute called BetaGov.  

In these studies, departments work directly with research professionals to initiate a custom study they desire to undertake.  Tools such as the use of surveys may be conducted of personnal, citizens and volunteers.  Often the surveys attempt to capture sentiment before and after the application of the decals. 

This is all done so that they key question can be answered:  who was impacted and what was the impact?

Why This Program Works

Communication is not about what we say.  Instead, much of our communication is nonverbal.   It's in the subtleties of the tone of our voice, our expressions, and our body language.  But most importantly it's about where we're coming from that allows us to effectively communicate with others. 

How we think about things and how we speak are well studied by researchers.  Police2Peace is using this science to prove that we can stimulate more meaningful interactions that bring communities together.  

Research such as “Priming”, Language-Augmented Cognition and Social Tuning are examples of the well known effects of introducing PEACE OFFICER on public safety vehicles.

Priming and Implicit Memory

Language-Augmented Cognition

Synchrony and the social tuning of compassion


Police2Peace is a fiscally sponsored project of the Peace Development Fund.