Police2Peace is Building a Path to Trust

A city and town may have a great reputation for its department, but incidents that happen elsewhere can greatly affect how citizens view their local police or sheriff.

Simply including the word PEACE OFFICER on vehicles begins a dialogue that builds public trust.

How it Works

  1. When a department decides to initiate a study, they engage with the New York University and UCLA joint public policy institute called BetaGov to discuss and agree on the scope of the study.
  2. Then, the specifics of the research study are planned and executed at the direction of department officials.
  3. A live event is scheduled around the decals appearing on the first squad cars in coordination with the schedules of law enforcement officials, city leaders and the media so that all can attend.
  4. The changes to or addition of the decals on all changed vehicles takes place.
  5. After a period of time mutually agreed upon, a second set of research may be performed to gauge awareness of the change along with statistical analysis of the impact.  This research is compiled, analyzed and the findings are presented to the department for their use.
  6. If desired, the department may extend the research, change the scope or conclude the research at any time.   Decals remain on cars for as long as the department desires. 
  7. The department, city, state and federal government incur no expense whatsoever for the change, the research and the release of the resulting studies.

A Wide Variety of Programs to Choose From

  • Basic Program:  decals on vehicles, press and live event
  • Research Program:  decals on vehicles, press, live event and research study
  • Training Program:  decals on vehicles, press, live event and roll-call training on the change
  • Community Program:  decals on vehicles, press, live event and custom app for the public to use to provide continuing dialogue with the department

Or any combination of the above.

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