Our Mission Is to Create Better Interactions

In law enforcement, the public’s perception is very influential.  A city and town may have a great reputation for law enforcement, but incidents that happen elsewhere greatly affect how citizens view their local police department.

Simply including the word PEACE OFFICER on squad cars changes public sentiment in the department’s favor.

And with the perception already in place that a department is forward thinking and community minded, the public is much more likely to be tempered in their response to bad interactions which are bound to happen.

How it Works

First, we discuss and agree with the city or municipality on the scope of the pilot and the look and placement of the decals with city officials and law enforcement representatives.

Then, we plan and execute research beforehand at the direction of city officials.

A live event is scheduled around the decal appearing on the first squad car which city officials, law enforcement and the media are invited to attend.

The changes to or addition of the decals on all affected squad cars takes place.

After a period of time agreed upon by both Police2Peace and the city, we perform a second set of research to gauge awareness of the change along with statistical analysis of the impact.  This research is compiled, analyzed and the findings are presented to the city for their use.

If desired, the city may conclude the pilot or keep the decals on their squad cars.

The cities and municipalities bear no expense for the change to their squad cars and control the wording, placement and branding.

What We Bring

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Funding to change the decals
  • Media and ambassadors
  • PR events and support
  • Data and analytics
  • Post pilot reports
  • Removal of decals if desired

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You can do something to create better interactions. 

If you believe your community has the potential for change, let's arrange a pilot in your city.