Police2Peace is a national initiative to improve public trust in communities across the country. 

We do this by providing you with decals to add to the existing markings on your public safety vehicle which read  “PEACE OFFICER”.

We then perform a custom research study on behalf of you, the department, to gauge the effect of the change on public and staff sentiment.

This small gesture is proving to be an innovative way to change the dynamics for departments who are proactive in their efforts and are looking for diverse ways to reach their citizens.

How it Works

Each pilot occurs in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Preparation

  •           Decals designed
  •           Pre program survey created

Phase 2:  Launch and Announcement

  •           Live event
  •           One or more vehicles are showcased

Phase 3: Program implementation 

  •           Commencing the trial
  •           Conclusion  surveys ( follow-up)

Call Us

If you believe your community would benefit from greater public trust, let's arrange a pilot in your city.



Police2Peace is a fiscally sponsored project of the Peace Development Fund.