Police2Peace is an innovative social engineering initiative which is quickly evolving nationally. 

At its most fundamental level, it simply transforms the term POLICE OFFICER into the term PEACE OFFICER on existing squad cars in a municipality.  

Our shared mission is empathy above all.  Just like everyday life, more can be accomplished through collaboration with one another in the areas we all have in common.   Here at Police2Peace, we focus on the things that connect us rather than divide us.  We all want the same things:  happiness, peace, prosperity, good health. 

That's why Police2Peace exists:  to create better interactions between communities and law enforcement.  Our first initiative is to add a decal which says PEACE OFFICER to law enforcement squad cars which display the word POLICE on them. 

Engaged with Cities Around the Country

We are working with mid-sized cities around the country, their officials and law makers to hammer out the details and change the first cars.

We Offer Cities a Turnkey Program

We arrange and fund the cities to  add / change  / modify the decals on squad cars and create awareness of these efforts community-wide.

Proven Results for a Change

Research is then specifically conducted to gauge the effect  and to capture the community‚Äôs sense of favorability of the change.