Police2Peace is sparking change by providing public safety agencies with a dynamic communication tool to engage local residents in cities and counties all over the country. 

At Police2Peace, we believe that respect, empathy, and fairness are the foundations by which our law enforcement and the citizens of our communities can come together.

That’s why we formed Police2Peace, and that's the effect it is having in the communities it serves:  building strong relationships between the police and citizens regardless of zip code or area code. 

Communication is not about what we say.  Instead, much of our communication is nonverbal.   It's in the subtleties of the tone of our voice, our expressions, and our body language.  But most importantly it's about where we're coming from that allows us to effectively communicate with others. 

By introducing the phrase PEACE OFFICER alongside the existing markings on public safety vehicles, Police2Peace has helped numerous departments improve their community policing efforts to create more peaceful, compassionate and trusting communities. 

This simple but innovative wording is sparking change by providing public safety officers with a dynamic communication tool to engage local residents. 

Feasibility Study Completed:  Redlands, CA Police Department

Beginning in December 2017, Police2Peace engaged with the Redlands, CA police department to roll out vehicles with the designation, PEACE OFFICER on each car.  That department engaged with the New York University and UCLA public policy institute called BetaGov  to study the impact of the change on perceptions in the community.  Results released in May 2018.  

Pilot Completed:  Richland County, SC  Sheriff's Department

Beginning in January, 2018, the Richland County Sheriff’s department became the first sheriff organization in the country to undertake the inclusion of PEACE OFFICER on their vehicles.  A random control trial was performed to gauge the effect of citizens and officers seeing PEACE OFFICER on certain vehicles while other areas of the county are in control groups where the designation does not appear.  Results released in July 2018.

We Offer Departments a Turnkey Program

Once a department decides to participate in the program, they can initiate a custom research study in their city or county.  We then work with them to arrange and fund the placement of new decals on squad cars.  We also work with them to create awareness of this change community-wide.  The department, city, state and federal government incur no expense whatsoever for the change, the research and the release of the resulting studies.

Proven Results for a Change

Results show that the this small gesture is proving to be an innovative way to spark a paradigm shift for departments who are proactive in their efforts and are looking for diverse ways to reach their citizens.

Richland County, South Carolina - Research Study


Police2Peace is a fiscally sponsored project of the Peace Development Fund.